The project of the Ex Machina Ltd. adapting to the purpose of the Digital Welfare Program


The purpose of the Hunor and ExiPay program is to reduce the significant domestic usage of cash money by developing. For the repel the usage of cash money, a multifunction electronic payment infrastructure will come to fruition. Developing the Instant payment system aside from the bank card payment – which is the most popular payment method in Hungary -can help the domestic spread of cost-effective electronic payment methods and with it, the interest of the national economy can be supported. By the GINOP-8.2.6-18 code named tender, the Ex Machina Ltd. received a subvention for the Hunor and Exipay named project’s software development, among other a mobile banking application and for device procurement, like POS terminals and servers.


Projekt azonosító jele: H-EDIJ1/073076/2020/397361/001