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We are developing and
operating next-gen payment solutions


Since 2016 the company has focused its resources only on mapping electronic payment model opportunities offered by PSD2 and instant payments. We have had to face many challenges over the years, but today we can confidently say that we are experts in the electronic payment industry.


  • Architecture design
  • Flow definition
  • Scoping
  • R&D
  • Implementation & integration
  • Web services
  • Operating


  • AIS Bank API integration
  • PIS Bank API integration
  • Integration of API layers with aggregation
  • Transaction processing
  • Payment journey designing
  • Requirements

Instant payment

  • Payment module
  • Core integration with Bank
  • Payment gateway & Clearing module
  • QR code integration
  • Requirements
  • Follow-up function
  • Payment recursion

Card acceptance

  • Universal checkout integration
  • Development of POS terminal software
  • Electronic receipt function
  • Requirements
  • Follow-up function

Revenue increaser services

The instant payment solution can be a worthy opponent of bank card payments, in case of offering the same comfortable user experience but guaranteeing more favorable pricing for its users.

Loyalty focused payment
solutions for Retailers

  • Payment & Loyalty application
  • Card acceptance
  • Instant payment acceptance
  • Pos terminal, cash register, Self-checkout, Unattented
  • Online onboarding for customers
  • Electronic customer identification
  • Electronic coupon
  • Dashboard platform
  • Personal Finance Manager tool (PFM)
  • Bigdata aggregation

Value-added solutions for
Payment Providers

  • POS terminal software
  • Instant payment module to POS terminal
  • Instant payment module for web
  • Online onboarding web module
  • Dashboard web module
  • Online invoicing module
  • Payment application
  • Coupon and Loyalty module
  • Payment system module
  • Personal finance manager tool (PFM)

All in one solution for

  • Card acceptance
  • Instant payment acceptance
  • Dashboard admin platform
  • Discount system
  • Invoicing function

White Label products for rapid

With our white label products, we can save time and money for your business. All the products are made with the care of easy integration. We think that design-driven development could be the key, especially in the financial sector.

1. Payment application with mobile banking functions

2. Coupon and loyalty application with geolocation

3. Online onboarding platform with customer identification

4. Dashboard admin platform with multilevel permission management

5. Payment gateway with

6. Smart POS terminals, checkouts and self-checkouts with hybrid payments

Our Partners

The core team

dr. Ibrahim Ádám


“Only one digit separates the unaritical ruling system of law from the binary ruling system of IT.”

Vasas József


„If you deal with information, you need the Internet. If you deal with money, you need to deal with blockchain.”

Batta Dániel


“It is not easy to follow cutting edge technology but it is worth it”

dr. Gyárfás Luca


„There is no value for [a bank] setting up a world-class AML group. There’s all kind of value for us setting up a global AML group.”

Solutions in progress…

Buy now pay later

Buy now and pay later payment function for in-store purchases. This function can be implemented in any payment mobile application which can handle QR codes. The solution based on the instant payment system.

Virtual currency acceptance

A payment infrastructure wich is able to handle virtual- and cryptocurrency based transactions from processing to settlement. It operates with the corresponsive standards and security requirements esepecially with the AML compliance.

Check-in payment

Imagine a retail store where the customers don’t need to queue. This payment solution provides the best user journey regarding buying the products at the end of the shopping.

Let’s achieve your goals together!